Acquistion to Protect

In some instances, communities have the opportunity to protect their endangered cultural sites through the purchase of properties.

Here are some agencies which can kōkua.

State Legacy Lands

The Legacy Land Conservation Program provides grants to community organizations and government agencies that strive to purchase and protect land that shelters exceptional, unique, threatened, and endangered resources.

Phone:  (808) 586-0921

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City & County of Honolulu

Clean Water & Natural Lands

The purpose of the Clean Water and Natural Lands Fund is to provide for the purchase of or to otherwise acquire real estate or any interest therein for land conservation in the City for the following purposes:

• Protection of watershed lands to preserve water quality and water supply;

• Preservation of forests, beaches, coastal areas and agricultural lands;

• Public outdoor recreation and education, including access to beaches and mountains;

• Preservation of historic or culturally important land areas and sites;

• Protection of significant habitats or ecosystems, including buffer zones;

• Conservation of land in order to reduce erosion, floods, landslides, and runoff; and

• Acquisition of public access to public land and open space. 

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The Trust for Public Land

Since 1979, The Trust for Public Land and its donors have worked with local communities and public agencies to conserve the best of Hawai‘i. They’ve protected more land on O‘ahu, Hawai‘i Island, Maui, Kaua‘i, and Moloka‘i. We’ve helped to build national and state parks, and to conserve coasts, cultural landscapes, beaches, farms, and forests. 

Phone:  (808) 586-0921

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Hawaiʻi Land Trust

HLT takes a uniquely Hawaiian and holistic approach to land conservation. They conserve lands that enable Hawai'i's long-term well-being, lands with scenic views, agricultural resources, wildlife habitats, water resource areas, cultural and historical values, and outdoor recreation opportunities.

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Kauaʻi Public Access, 

Open Space and Natural Resources Conservation Fund

The “PUBLIC ACCESS, OPEN SPACE AND NATURAL RESOURCES PRESERVATION FUND” each year receives a minimum of one half of one percent (0.5%)of the County's certified real property taxes be deposited into the fund.

Ordinance 812, created in December 2003, as the charter amendment directed, the County Council enacted to establish procedures for the administration and priorities for the expenditure of the fund. The ordinance also established a nine-member advisory commission, the "Public Access, Open Space, and Natural Resources Preservation Fund Commission," and attached it administratively to the Planning Department.

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Maui Open Space Fund

There is established and created a fund to be known as the "open space, natural resources, cultural resources, and scenic views

preservation fund.

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Hawaiʻi County Public Access, 

Open Space and Natural Resources Conservation Fund

To develop an island-wide prioritized list of qualifying lands worthy of preservation.  The list shall include the significance of each parcel or entitlement identified, the reason for its priority, and its anticipated use after acquisition.

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