A Cultural Site is Threatened

If you see a cultural site being transgressed and/or

you believe it is in the process to be threatened or destroyed - 

CALL  and EMAIL the State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD). 

SHPD is part of the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources.


Additional Suggested To Do List:  

Take photos of what you are witnessing

Gather information of the History of the area

Gather names of those who can speak to its history

Learn about Hawaiʻi Preservation Law (see below)

                             State Historic Preservation Division


     SHPD is part of the Department of Land and Natural Resources

                    Oʻahu  (808) 692-8015

                    Hawaiʻi  (808) 933-7655 Hilo 

                    Hawaiʻi Office (808) 323-4521 Kona    

                    Kauaʻi  (808) 692-8015

                    Maui. (808) 243-1285


                                 Cultural & Historic Resource Protection Link

     EMAIL:  dlnr@hawaii.gov


     Also Contact:    

     Office of Hawaiian Affairs Preservation Office

                    Oʻahu (808) 594-1835



Hawaiʻi State Revised Statutes 6E

What is HRS 6E? Hawaii Revised Statutes 6E is the State of Hawaii’s historic preservation law. The law was passed by the legislature in 1976 with the intent of promoting the use and conservation of historic properties for the education, inspiration, pleasure and enrichment of its citizens. The review and compliance portion of the law requires that permits on publicly and some privately owned properties over 50 years of age be reviewed by the State Historic Preservation Division. The purpose of this review is to both identify historic resources and to avoid or mitigate potential negative affects to them. 

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