Iwi Kūpuna are Threatened

If you see iwi kūpuna being transgressed and/or

you believe it is in the process to be threatened or destroyed - 

CALL and EMAIL the State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD). 

SHPD is part of the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources.


Burials (808) 692-8020

Additional Suggested To Do List:  

Take photos of what you are witnessing

Gather information of the History of the area

Gather names of those who can speak to its history

DLNR Smart Phone Tip Application

Agency in Charge

State Historic Preservation Division

 History and Cultural Branch Chief

 (808) 243-4640

 Burial Sites Specialist

 (808) 692-8026

 EMAIL:   dlnr@hawaii.gov


 Also Contact:    

 Office of Hawaiian Affairs Preservation Office

 Oʻahu. (808) 594-1835




Hawaiʻi Burial Laws

Protecting Burials

Burial Council

Burial Council Members

Burial Council Laws PDF

Please note the Burial Council ONLY decides either iwi kūpuna are to be left in place OR they are to be moved.

From the time a permit is submitted to DPP, there are 45 days for the Burial Council to take a position.  

After 45 days, the permit is automatically approved.  

Keep track of the process and stay in touch with the 

State Historic Preservation Division.

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